Disclaimer and Conditions

Disclaimer: Some products we offer are for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY. Please check with your local highway patrol or DMV regarding any rules, regulations, and information. Epsilon Automotive is not responsible for any legal issues regarding any product that has been purchased from us. We reserve the right, without liability or prior notice, to revise, discontinue, or cease to make available any or all products, and to refuse or cancel any order. While Epsilon Automotive does try its best to maintain product accuracy, it is not responsible for any typographical, photographic or technical errors.


Professional installation is required for all products. It is understood that certain items may need modifications for proper fitment, and minor adjustments may be necessary during the standard installation process. Please be aware that carbon fiber products are not designed to withstand heavy force or weight, as they may crack under such pressure.

Epsilon Aero strives to create aftermarket products that closely match the original factory specifications for vehicles. However, occasional prepping may be required for an optimal fit. Prior to installation, the buyer should follow specific steps to ensure satisfaction. If the buyer intends to paint the products, pre-fitting them to the vehicle before painting is essential to guarantee a proper fit. Please note that painted products are not eligible for returns.

Clear Coat/Paint Guarantee:

The Clear Coat Guarantee fully covers the following situations:

  1. Clear coat changing color more than a full shade within 6 months (Please note: Similar to car paint, slight fading and discoloration are natural, and the warranty only applies to more extreme cases).
  2. We do our best to provide quality pre-painted products, however these are made on a production line with no guarantees of paint quality or match. In cases of egregious errors we are happy to replace the product with a better example but that is up to our sole discretion of what’s available.

Appearance Guarantee:

The Appearance Guarantee fully covers the following situations: (Please be aware that all carbon fiber products are hand-made, and minor imperfections are inevitable. Claims abusing Epsilon Aero's program will be promptly denied.)

  1. Heavy cloudiness under the clear coat (visible only under the sun; Epsilon Aero regrets being unable to quality check every product under natural sunlight).
  2. Clear coat bubble larger than 3/8" in diameter.

Defective Products:

All products mandate professional installation, and minor adjustments may be necessary. These are standard bodywork and installation procedures and are not considered defective. Additionally, given the hand-crafted nature of most carbon fiber products, no two items will be identical. Inevitable small imperfections such as wavy weaves, small bubbles, and clear coat blemishes should be expected. True defects must be demonstrated through pictures before initiating a return. Refer to our shipping and return policy for detailed information.

Epsilon Aero does not guarantee fitment on cars that have been involved in accidents and/or have had body damage.